Thursday 14 March 2013

WAUF... Valiantly Varnished?

Why Aren't You Following... ? was conceived by Curly Polish as an attempt to help polishaholics put a face to the nails! Sometimes in our FB polish groups we don’t really connect those beautiful talons with the person behind them –often one who blogs! It is hoped that this series of posts will help polishaholics get to know new blogs and rediscover old ones by means of twelve succinct questions. Most of all, this series is designed to give a shout out to all the bloggers I admire the most – both big-time and small fry :-)

Welcome to the latest edition of WAUF! Today I speak to Ameerah from Valiantly Varnished! Let’s get down to business :-)

Name: Ameerah Muhammad

Blog: Valiantly Varnished

Since: April 2012

GFC followers (at time of writing): 218

Signature bloggism: Don't know if I have one. Perhaps my post greeting or my hand pose.

Fav brand: China Glaze (w/ Butter London a close second)

Fav colour: I used to say black but now I would say a dark vampy shade with glitter.

Fav nail art technique: Freehand nail art

Fav blog: Chalkboard Nails

Would still like to try: Brand - Barry M; Technique - Typography

One fact we may not know about you/your blog: I studied acting and did theater for ten years before retiring to focus on writing.

When not painting my nails you’ll find me... : Playing games on FB and watching TV!

Why I follow her: I discovered Ameerah on FB and only realised recently that she has a blog. Now I get to see all of her latest creations! I adore all of her manis and I think she does some beautiful swatches (seriously, check them out)! I especially like that I get to see different kinds of colours to normal because she has a warmer, olive skin tone. I know a lot of gals have been looking for olive-toned swatchers lately, so Ameerah could be your girl! She comes across a little shy in this post, but she’s also a real nice, friendly person and I can’t wait to see what she’s gonna come up with next! :-)

So tell me... why aren't you following Valiantly Varnished?!

How to follow Ameerah:

Twitter: @ValiantlyVarn

Thanks for reading this week’s WAUF! Tune in this time next week for more blogger introductions :-)

‘Til next time :-)

- Skye x


These are not the only ladies I follow, or the only people whose blogs/nails I love. I don’t prefer any one of these blogs over the other because I like them for different reasons. If you haven’t been contacted (yet), it doesn’t mean I don’t love you! Also: if you don’t have a blog but you have lovely nails, I may be in touch at some point, but I don’t know how to make an entire post about a non-blog right now :-) Finally, please remember that my preferences may be different to yours. This is meant to be a fun series! I adhere to the Thumper principle: if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Keep smiling guys and girls :-) 


  1. oh my! love your designs Ameerah! Following now :D Nice one xx

    1. This is exactly why I created this blog series - sometimes incredible bloggers are right underneath our noses and yet we miss them :) xx

    2. Thanks so much! And thanks Skye for this lovely post :)

  2. I am following her and love her:)


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