Wednesday 6 March 2013

NOTW: Kiko coffee nubs

Hello my lovelies :)

Firstly, I'd just like to say a massive WOW and thank you so much to all the new followers. I realised I was taking a risk planning a blog feature without canvassing people's opinions first, but so far I'm assuming that people really like the idea, which I'm really pleased about :-) The first WAUF post should go live this week (probably Thursday).

So onto today's business!

As some of you may know, I went on a cheeky trip to Copenhagen a couple weeks back to see a friend of mine who moved out there last summer. For the trip, I decided to nubbinise and then use Barry M Silver Foil for a full mani, but this was a horrible mistake. I don't have ANY photos (criminal, I know), but the application was a total PITA, and my mani chipped almost immediately.

Consequently, I ended up removing the polish asap when I arrived and then just went bare for the week. Unfortunately, what with the cold and dry air in Denmark, and what with running around after a hyper two-year-old whilst I was there, I managed to break EVERY SINGLE NAIL. Remember my last post, that showed how lovely and long they were? Nope, they became tiny, especially on my right hand. I managed to keep them of roughly equal length right until my flight back home, when I managed to rip two of the nails on my right hand half-way down the nail bed - I could actually feel my finger tips and exposed the hyponychium underneath :-(

This is the shortest my nails have been in a while, but though it felt strange at first, I eventually got used to the new length - I think that shorter nails are much more practical, actually; they just make my fingers look stubby! In an effort to love my new nubs, I decided to resort to using a fav polish of mine which has been neglected for some time now: Kiko 374. If you're a veteran follower (if such a word can be used for a blog which is only four months old!), you may recall seeing mention of this polish in my autumnal sponging post here, but I didn't have a good swatch for you. Now I do (sorta)!


Colour-adjusted to bring out the copper shimmer
Deep, rich brown

As you can see, this is a deep brown, almost espresso-coloured polish with a deep copper shimmer running through it (not well photographed - sorry), which makes the polish very rich and satisfying to wear! I just adore this polish and it truly doesn't get enough wear time. It also gets bonus points for matching my glasses :-) I actually loved my nails at this precise length - they looked really cute, almost like the ones you can see at Dressed Up Nails (Whitney) and I Heart Pretty Polish (Essie). They did eventually grow out a bit, which is the length you can see in my photos, but they're still much shorter than I'm used to:

Cute little nubs in direct sunlight :-)
Indirect sunlight

Unusually, I didn't do any art for this mani because I was enjoying my perfectly polished nubs FAR too much to put anything over the top! It's just so purrrrrty :-) I promise I have some art lined up for next time, though!

So what do you think? Do you like rich, dark colours like this? I have to admit that these deep shades are probably my favs... I should wear them more often!

See you on Thursday for my inaugural WAUF post! :-)

- Skye x


  1. I've got China Glaze Midtown Magic on today which looks very similar - more goldy tones then copper though! Nice :) x

    1. Thanks, Natalie :) I'm a bit sad I still failed miserably to photograph this one - it's a real beauty in person! I may need to check out CG Midtown Magic now... stop tempting me! :P xx

  2. I was expecting your nails to be a lot shorter but they're actually not bad! I like the length and this colour looks great

    1. Thank you Laura :) They were actually short enough that I could see the tips of my fingers over my nails, but my nails grow SUPER quickly, so they don't look so bad in these photos ;)


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