Thursday 11 July 2013

WAUF... Dressed Up Nails?

Why Aren't You Following... ? was conceived by Curly Polish as an attempt to help polishaholics put a face to the nails! Sometimes in our FB polish groups we don’t really connect those beautiful talons with the person behind them – often one who blogs! It is hoped that this series of posts will help polishaholics get to know new blogs and rediscover old ones by means of twelve succinct questions. Most of all, this series is designed to give a shout out to all the bloggers I admire the most – both big-time and small fry :-)


Welcome to the latest edition of WAUF! This week, I speak to Whitney from Dressed Up Nails! Let’s get down to business :-)

Name: Whitney Swiedler

Since: I started my Tumblr in January of 2012 and then started my “real blog” in June of 2012.

GFC followers (at time of writing): 750

Signature bloggism: Hmm, I’m not really sure… probably detailed geometric manis?

Fav brand: China Glaze for sure! I also have a big soft spot for Zoya.

Fav colour: My favorite color in real life is turquoise, so I love polishes in that color family. I also love purple polish!

Fav nail art technique: Freehand painting with a little brush or using striping tape. I also like doing designs with dotting tools, especially when I’m feeling lazy!

Fav blog: Oh, this is WAY too hard! There are too many blogs I love.

Would still like to try: Gradients - I’ve only ever done one once, before I ever started blogging. They scare me for some reason! I think it’s the messiness factor. I’ve yet to try water marbling for the same reason. I also still haven’t tried a saran wrap mani… I guess I have a lot on my to-do list!

One fact we may not know about you/your blog: I’m 27 and spent my entire life up until about 2 years ago completely ignorant about anything girly. I almost never wore makeup or painted my nails. My little sister, who’s 14 now, is the one who’s responsible for getting me into makeup and REALLY into nails! I’m still really bad at clothes, though.

When not painting my nails you’ll find me... : Reading, hanging out with my boyfriend and/or my friends and/or my family, walking or running with my dog, and lately watching Mad Men all the time!

Why I follow her: Whitney is the QUEEN of freehand nail art. Seriously. Her stuff is amazing!!! In particular, she does beautiful stained glass and geometric designs - she's got skillzzzz. I confess that I don't tend to read her blog, but just stare entirely awestruck at her nails. I hope that she doesn't take that as an insult! I just never manage to move my eyes past the awesome that she creates on her fingers. I'm also green with envy when it comes to her nail size and shape. I want her nails!!! I truly have no clue why she has so "few" followers. Where are y'all at?! Y'all are living under a big fat rock. Go check her out now!

So tell me... why aren't you following Dressed Up Nails?!

How to follow Whitney:

Thanks for reading this week’s WAUF! Tune in next week for more blogger introductions :-)

‘Til next time :-)

- Skye x


These are not the only ladies I follow, or the only people whose blogs/nails I love. I don’t prefer any one of these blogs over the other because I like them all for different reasons. If you haven’t been contacted (yet), it doesn’t mean I don’t love you! Also: if you don’t have a blog but you have lovely nails, I may be in touch at some point, but I don’t know how to make an entire post about a non-blog right now :-) Finally, please remember that my preferences may be different to yours. This is meant to be a 
fun series! I adhere to the Thumper principle: if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Keep smiling guys and girls :-) 


  1. She is so talented! I would love to know what the glitter is in that manicure! Or is a gradient using a few different ones?

    1. I'm actually not sure, she just picked out a favourite of hers. I'll let her know you're asking though, just in case she doesn't check the post herself ;) xx

    2. I remember thei're 2 Shimmer Polishes, but not the names

  2. Replies
    1. Aren't they great?! Whitney does all kinds of awesome. I get serious mani envy when I see her nails! xx

  3. I am, I am! lool I remember I found her with a geometric design featuring China Glaze I'm Not a Lion and was hooked! Whitney, gradient or saran wrap don't need to be messy so go ahead :) Now watermarble is another subject... lol. Kisses,


    1. Ohhhh her geometrics are awesome! I love the stained glass too ehehehehe. I agree with you about gradients - I've only ever had one messy one. Watermarble IS messy though :P xx

  4. Whitney rocks - she makes us all jealous xx

    1. So true :) I really want to try a geometric mani sometime but it just won't look anything like hers! xx


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