Monday 15 July 2013

NOTW: It's Too Latte

Hello my dears! How are you today?

Today I have yet another Barry M nail art pen mani to show you - behold my Native American-inspired creation:

See! Native American-esque! Can you see what I mean? This sort of makes me think of Pocahontas and her feathered clothes. Or moccasins. Or the feathers in Native American headdresses. It was actually pretty fun to do, since I just had to scribble a chevron on my nails four times. The colours overlapped brilliantly - the white Barry M nail art pen is surprisingly opaque :-)

I also took a pic of the mani at the half-way stage, which I almost prefer (but not quite):

I think that I would have preferred to have three chevrons on each nail, leaving some of the base colour peaking out on the free edge. It was kind of a quick and dirty, experimental mani, so I'm not entirely sure how much I like it. I liked it better IRL than in the photos - that's for sure! I do like it. Sorta. No I do! Kinda. Maybe this design would look better over lime green or purple?! :-P

Finally, let me show you the base colour for this mani - my first ever Miss Sporty polish!

Leaning pink...

Leaning yellow...

This is Miss Sporty It's Too Latte and I got it FREE in Superdrug's recent 3 for 2 offer. As you'll know if you've checked out my Quests page, I've been hunting for a 'mannequin hands' nude polish for sometime now. This polish looked like a pretty good match, so I was really excited to get it home. Unfortunately, it's still not quite right, but this polish is the closest I've come so far! It actually matches my tum almost perfectly, but of course I need it to match my fingers ;-) Perhaps if I could lighten it slightly it would do the trick...

So what is this polish like? I'd describe it as a nude caramel creme which leans pink and then yellow depending on the light, meaning it will probably compliment most skin tones. The first coat was a bit streaky, but the polish builds very well, and by the time I'd finished applying the second coat, I was more than happy with the coverage. The formula and brush are perfection, and I'm very impressed! This polish would be perfect for a subtle workwear mani and I did get to enjoy a mannequin effect in the right light ehehe. I've been on a bit of a nude hit lately, and so I'm pleased to be able to add this one to my collection. However, the search continues for the perfect nude.

Do you have any suggestions for my perfect mannequin hands shade? Gimme a shout in the comments!

'Til next time, curlettes :-)

- Skye x


  1. I love mannequin hands even though just typing out the word feels creeeepy to me, lol. I'm fortunate to have found three mh shades... This one is lovely on you even if it isn't your spot-on. And I like your design-- it reminds me of a fuzzy blanket :)

    1. Thanks Liesl :) It isn't quite right but I do think I like it. I prep my posts several weeks in advance, so now I'm a bit more tanned it might be the perfect match! I guess we'll see :) I do agree that 'mannequin hands' is a bit creepy, but I like the look somehow, classy and understated :)Thank you for always having such nice things to say about my posts hehe :) xx


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