My Polish Quests

Welcome, young polish traveller to my quest page! This page is where I will detail all of my greatest longings. Perhaps I nearly had the polish before it slipped through my fingers, perhaps I just haven't found the one; whatever the story, you will find it here!


Quest One: Fingerpaints Flakies

Like a great many European polish lovers, I long to own the complete set of Fingerpaints flakies. It's absolute sacrilege that they were LE, and a heresy that the company only released the collection in the US. I can only imagine how much money they missed out on... and I shall not rest until they are mine! I tried to buy these from a fellow polish lover in the US at the beginning of 2013, only for the evil Royal Mail to confiscate all of the polishes and forward an empty box *sad, sad, face*. So close, and yet so far... didn't the RM realise that these polishes are like gold dust???

One day, though I don't know when, I shall own these polishes - this is my quest!

***EDIT*** I finally tracked down FP Asylum and FP Twisted, all thanks to Debbie Crumpet! Two down, three to go!!! *victory air-punch*


Quest Two: The Perfect Peach

Since August 2012, I have been obsessed with finding the perfect peach. For me, the perfect peach is a light, subtle, pink-orange-toned polish, bordering on nude. It is not chalky, nor is it neon (neither in the bottle, nor on the nail), and it will complement my light, olive-toned skin perfectly! Failed peaches have included all of the Models Own 'peach' polishes, Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Papaya and Catrice Salmon and Garfunkel (which was particularly disappointing since it was perfect in the bottle). 

I have not yet tried all of the peach polishes, but the perfect peach is out there, and I shall find it - this is my quest!


Quest Three: The Perfect Nude

Much like I seek in vain for the perfect nude peach, I'm also looking for the perfect nude polish for my skin tone! When I first saw the mannequin hands trend, I immediately disliked it. However, typically a late-bloomer, I've finally decided I need to jump on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, I'm terrible at picking out a nude and I have tried a number of polishes which were either too dark, too pink, too yellow or too pale. I am a fair-skinned mixed chick with olive-toned skin, and though pale in winter I'm lightly toasted most of the year - and I want a polish to match!

One day, I, too, shall rock the mannequin hands look - this is my quest!

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