Monday 18 March 2013

NOTW: Sugar Plum Faerie drip mani

Why hello, my lovelies! I've picked up a lot of new followers since I started my WAUF feature, and I'd like to thank all of you for tagging along :-) I hope you enjoy my blog! 

Today I have to show you a mani featuring one of my new KBShimmers: Sugar Plum Faerie ^^ This is of course not a new polish, but it's been sitting untried for a loooooong time and took a mammoth two months to reach me, so this is a BIG DEAL! 

Firstly, let me show you my attempted art for this week - a drip mani (oh yeaaaaah, crossed another technique off my list). Check it:

... pease pudding cold.
Pease pudding hot...

I loved this mani but found it really hard to capture on camera :/ It sorta looked like a quirky Xmas pudding to me, what with the glitter base and shimmery drips (Rimmel Black Cherries) :-) Om nom nom nom nom

WOOHOO! Short post today (I'm getting better - see!) ^^ Finally, I will of course show you the base colour - the gorgeous Sugar Plum Faerie:

... I know right?! (colour-accurate)

I think this may be my new favourite polish. The glitter colour combo is wicked and the polish applied like a total dream; it's the first KBShimmer I've owned with a formula that can only be described as utter perfection - and my others really have a great formula, so that's saying something! Christy got this one bang on!

*prideful parting shot* (sorry about the colour distortion!)

What do you think of this mani? I always thought that it would be difficult to do a drip mani but it was surprisingly simple - all it took was a marker pen lid (aka my dotting tool) and a steady-ish hand to join the dots up :-) I will DEFINITELY be trying this again!

What colours would you choose for a drip mani? Have you ever done an adventurous polka dot/striped drip mani? Those still look hella scary to me! 

Thanks for reading and 'til next time, curlettes ^^

- Skye x


  1. Great job! This looks yummy:) I love KBShimmer.

    1. Thank you <3 And doesn't it just? I have about 10 KBShimmers already and I want MOOOOOORE!!! Can't get enough of the amazingness ^^

  2. Now I added something else TO my list, my wish list, that is. LOL. KBShimmers Sugar Plum Faerie is polish perfection! I love the color combo in that polish.

    I wanna try this technique but have been too afraid I won't be able to get it right. I am going to make myself give it a try since I have naked nails.

    1. Hi April! You MUST buy all the KBShimmers! I'm totally obsessed. If only my bank balance agreed with me! :) :) It really is my fav polish now - I love the lime green glitters that really make it pop, and I love it against my skin tone. I knew I liked it but now I adore it! I have a lot of KBShimmer untrieds that I've been trying to strategically save for sunny days and present together in one big post, but I couldn't resist this one and may need to wear them all anyway :D

      Please try this technique because I've been really intimidated by it and found it wasn't so hard at all! I just made two or three little dots with a marker pen lid and the joined them up with my polish brush... my drips are a bit angular in places but I was still really proud of myself for trying :) :) Please try it and then take pics so I can see! :)

  3. Hello- first time visitor here- I love this! I had never heard of this technique, and it looks really neat.

    1. Hi there! Welcome to my blog! :) :) I'm glad you like this mani - I confess that I just stared at it the entire time it was on my nails! If you've not seen this technique before, just google 'drip mani' to see a TON of even better examples! I've been really intimidated by the technique for months but I'm relieved to report that even *I* managed to pull it off (yay!). Thank you for taking the time to comment :) xx


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