Monday 25 March 2013

NOTW: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Pomegranate

Hello my dears and welcome to all my new followers! I can't believe I've hit 82 on FB and 70 on GFC - exciting stuff!

I only have a short-ish post for you today (and over the coming weeks), since I've been ridiculously busy and haven't had the chance to do any art at all :-( What I DO have for you is some beautiful (if I do say so myself) swatches of my first every Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polish: Pomegranate! Let's take a look:

Check out how perfectly I filed my nails! ^^
Shiny, shiny - no topcoat! :D

This polish is quite special, because I got it for free! When I rushed into Superdrug to get my Silver and Gold Foil polishes for stamping, I got to the till and was told that Barry M had an offer on and I could choose another polish for nothing ^^ I'd had my eye on this particular one for some time now - especially since I worked out how to stamp - and so I jumped at the chance to give it a whirl.

So what did I think of this polish? Firstly, I love the colour; it's definitely a berry pink, but leans incredibly red in most lights, making it a really striking colour which still retains a softness that you don't get with a stark red. I loved it against my skin tone :-) This said, I have to admit that I found application a little tricky, although this may have been my fault; I've never had a one-coater before, and I wasn't used to the formula, so I ended up doing (multiple!) coats that were a bit too thick, and then the polish chipped easier afterwards, too. Next time I'll know to apply thinner coats and trust in the formula!

In case you're wondering where you've seen this polish before on my blog, I actually used it to stamp over A England Iseult in this post, and I can report that it stamps rather beautifully! No problems at all :-)

As a parting shot, I'll show you a rather bad photo which I took in artificial light, which really brings out the pink tones in this polish:

Pink tones... (pardon my lobster fingers)

Isn't it just lovely? I can't wait to use this polish again - it's such a strong yet feminine colour <3

I'm sorry that this post is a bit boring and all, but like I said, I've been swamped - and I still am now, so you're gonna see a fair few of these posts over the next couple weeks... I can't wait to eventually have time to do some decent art again!

'Til next time and stick with me! :-)

- Skye x


  1. love the colour! does it stain your nails? because I found that the greenberry one does really badly!! xx

  2. It's a beautiful colour IRL :) I found that it didn't stain my nails at all - and I use Essie Nourish Me as a base coat for every mani :) Teals and turquoises always stain my nails really badly though! xx

  3. Looks so pretty. I can see that once in you get into nail art, just a simple manicure seems boring....another reason for me not to get into it! LOL.

    1. Thanks, Essie :) This is very true; although I actually like nail art because it's a creative outlet - it's much more than just some kind of make-up to me! :) I like art but rarely have time for it, so now I do it on my nails! I had hoped to stamp something gold over this but somehow just didn't have time :/


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