Monday 1 April 2013

NOTW: Snow-day Snowfall

Hello dearies! Welcome back to Curly Polish!

Today I have another snowy Snowfall mani to share with you, since the UK was hit (a few weeks ago now) with a freak snowstorm. Snow is not common in the south of England, because it is normally too warm... but today my mani matched the weather *nerdy squeeeee*!

My sincerest apologies in advance for the photos for this post; I had a massive fit of the shakes (too little food and sleep!) when I took these photos, and despite having taken about twenty, NONE of them were in focus, which sucks because this was beyond gorgeous IRL :-( 

This being said, I did the mani and took the photos...

... so let's take a look anyway :-)

The best pic I had... and it's still blurry *le sigh*

This is one thickish coat of Sonnetarium Snowfall over a purple gradient created with Collection 2000 Purple Rain (base colour) and Rimmel Black Cherries (gradient), which gave this mani an awesome wintry depth ^^ I did need to dab a little in places to get a nice even distribution of snowflakes, but that's mainly because I decided I wanted a saturated snowstorm look. I think the mani worked really well and I couldn't stop staring at my fingers, but the mani didn't last long...

Indeed, for this mani, I used the Essence All Aboard glue base coat (which, btw, has everything that pva glue doesn't!), and then I was stupid enough to wash my hands between coats cos I popped to the loo, and the base coat melted... so I had to do ANOTHER layer of the glue basecoat on top, and then my mani sorta popped off my nails a bit sooner than planned :/

This post also sucks slightly since I forgot to include a swatch of the base colour (I'm sooooo sorry). I think that there is a decent-ish swatch in this post, however, so all is not lost :-) ! What I can show you is a work-in-progress shot; this is my pre-clean-up gradient pic, which truly does neither polish justice, but will have to do:

The perfect base for Sonnetarium Snowfall...

This was a highly successful mani, despite the photos, and despite the fact that it was a short-lived success. I also now know to set aside a decent amount of time when doing a glitter mani with the glue base coat - hand-washing ruins glue!

What have you layered Snowfall with? Holla back 'cos I wanna know!

'Til next time, curlettes! :-)

Keep smiling!

- Skye x


  1. Hi, I nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award! Check it out :)

    1. Awwww thank you Becca! I'm so glad you like my WAUF series! :D


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