Thursday 6 December 2012

My favourite polish

Hi guys! Welcome to my blog :)

Today I thought I'd show you my FAVOURITE ever polish (colour): Rimmel Black Cherries. I LOVE this polish. I love that it's a warm and rich, dark, vampy colour, I love that it's purple (which is my fav polish colour) and I adore the wine-red shimmer. It just doesn't get enough love; if you google swatches they really are few and far between, which is a crying shame! I actually thought that Rimmel were discontinuing this colour a while back, so I now have two or three backups lol.

Onto the pictures!

When on, I swear that this polish looks like a deep, rich, purple aubergine colour with a red shimmer (a bit like OPI Black Cherry Chutney/Oktoberfest), but in the artificial light it favours the red shimmer and it's really hard to capture the genuine hue. This polish really comes into its own in the sunshine and we haven't had much of that lately :(

The only real downside to this polish is the gloopy formula. Rimmel is normally pretty good formula-wise, but having tried several bottles of this polish I can safely say that it's the colour for some reason. This makes application and clean-up a bit trickier (and you're at risk of ruining the mani even hours later - serious dentage on my right hand!), but it's nothing that a good thinner won't fix. I think I'll add more thinner next time I use the polish so it drags less.

Finally, I have some exciting news! In honour of the arrival of my Xmas polishes from KBShimmer (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ehehe so much love for that brand!), I finally broke out my final untried from the autumn collection: Witch Way. Rather than do a full WW mani, I decided to use it over my Rimmel mani to spice up what I'd been wearing for the past few days (lots of pics - couldn't narrow it down any more than this!):

Traditional jumper-shot
(sorry about the uneven surface; might have forgotten my top-coat for this one...)
Oooo shimmery shiny!
Trying to capture the colour AND the glitter... 
What do you think? :) As you can see, I ended up going for a sponge-free reverse gradient/half-moon effect. I've never tried this before and I love the way it came out, although I need a bit more practice to get it looking as beautiful as what I see others do on FB (check out The Clockwise Nail Polish, 9ml Universe and Lucy's Stash)! I actually found it really hard to photograph this mani properly because of the holographic glitter - hence the numerous pics - but hopefully you're pleased with my efforts!

Obligatory sun-shot: this pic makes the polish look browner than it really is... it is honestly purple IRL!
Have any of you tried this Rimmel polish? And did any of you buy any KBShimmers for Xmas? I'd love to hear from you so let me know in the comments below :-)

Thanks for stopping by and until next time!

- Skye x


  1. No, I haven't tried this one. I only have one Rimmel polish and it's Steel Grey. I think everyone has that one:) This is pretty though! I did get 2 KBShimmers but not in their recent collection. Newsprint and Sweet Peacock. Can't wait to try them!

    1. Ahhh I do have a grey from Rimmel but I can't remember which one... I'm not very good at names haha. Newsprint looks AMAZING and I can't wait to see your swatch! BTW I did reply to all your comments but sometimes I forgot to click 'Reply' and wrote a comment instead *doh* xx


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