Thursday 18 July 2013

WAUF... Chalkboard Nails?

Why Aren't You Following... ? was conceived by Curly Polish as an attempt to help polishaholics put a face to the nails! Sometimes in our FB polish groups we don’t really connect those beautiful talons with the person behind them – often one who blogs! It is hoped that this series of posts will help polishaholics get to know new blogs and rediscover old ones by means of twelve succinct questions. Most of all, this series is designed to give a shout out to all the bloggers I admire the most – both big-time and small fry :-)


Welcome to the latest edition of WAUF! This week, I speak to Sarah from Chalkboard Nails! Let’s get down to business :-)

Name: Sarah

Blog: Chalkboard Nails

Since: July 2011

GFC followers (at time of writing): 5,763

Signature bloggism: I guess my hand poses? I have a distinct set of hand poses that I choose from for every post. Uniformity is important to me.

Fav brand: Oh goodness, I guess I would have to say OPI. I am a huge fan of their ProWide brush shape, and their formula has been consistently great for me. Their collections usually include a lot of excellent creme finishes in interesting colors (my favorite!), and they’ll usually also include a curve-ball or two.

Fav colour: My favorite polish color is yellow – I think it is totally underrated. You can’t look down at yellow nails and not smile. In general, my favorite color would probably be lilac.

Fav nail art technique: Freehanding! I love when I get the chance to sit down and spend a good chunk of time painting a complex design.

Fav blog: I’ve gotta give it up to Chelsea King’s Get Nailed. Her work is always flawless and innovative, and her photos are lovely, too!

Would still like to try: I really want to try More Nail Polish’s method for making your own magnet patterns for magnetic nail polish. She’s so clever!

One fact we may not know about you/your blog: When I first began doing nail art, I never had any interest in blogging in the traditional sense. I just wanted a place where my friends and family could go to check out the manicures I had been doing lately. I posted pictures on Tumblr with little to no descriptions and that was enough. As time went on though, my blog evolved and I started up my main blog, which now includes descriptions, chatting, tutorials, and more.

When not painting my nails you’ll find me... : Catching up on all of my favorite TV shows (I’m obsessed with Survivor and The Walking Dead), or baking something delicious like cheddar olive scones! (om nom nom I love food!)

Why I follow her: Chalkboard Nails is one of the first nail blogs I discovered, and I'm still blown away by the quality of Sarah's photos today. Sarah always has perfect clean-up and is super creative, forever coming up with stunning designs like the one above, and continually setting the bar just a little higher each time she posts. I want art, art and more art from Sarah! She never disappoints and has created the gold standard for nail art bloggers everywhere. If you doubt that, just take a look at the number of WAUF-featured bloggers who cite Sarah as their number one inspiration!

So tell me... why aren't you following Chalkboard Nails?!

How to follow Sarah:

Thanks for reading this week’s WAUF! Tune in next week for more blogger introductions :-)

‘Til next time :-)

- Skye x


These are not the only ladies I follow, or the only people whose blogs/nails I love. I don’t prefer any one of these blogs over the other because I like them all for different reasons. If you haven’t been contacted (yet), it doesn’t mean I don’t love you! Also: if you don’t have a blog but you have lovely nails, I may be in touch at some point, but I don’t know how to make an entire post about a non-blog right now :-) Finally, please remember that my preferences may be different to yours. This is meant to be a 
fun series! I adhere to the Thumper principle: if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Keep smiling guys and girls :-) 


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