Monday 29 July 2013

NOTW: Across The Universe in style

Well helloooooooooo, ladies (and gents?) *Old spice guy* ;-)

***Warning: very picture-heavy post***

Have I got a zinger for you today! If you follow me on FB, you'll have seen a few months ago that I finally used Enchanted Across The Universe (had been waiting for some sunshine) - and I was totally and utterly blown away. I genuinely couldn't get focused on work for a couple of hours after I put this polish on, because it well and truly knocked my socks off. There are A LOT of pics of this one because I just couldn't believe how awesome it was. You've been warned:

My taping... in blue
My thumb in ALL the colours *.* holo!!!!

Did I mention the polish is a holo?

Blue holo...

It's a multichrome too!

...golden blurple <3
Pink and purple...

Pretty, pretty polish <3 I've never really understood the hype surrounding Enchanted Polish, and I only picked this polish up on a whim from another of Debbie Crumpet's blog sales some months back... but I TOTALLY GET IT NOW!!!!!!! I turned into a total magpie for the duration of this mani and chewed the ear off anyone who would listen about it, basically going ZOMG LOOK AT MY RAINBOW MULTICHROME HOLO NAILS *ahhhhhhh!* You all need this polish. Seriously. Go buy it.

All the colours!!!! :D
Multi-coloured HOLO goooooodness!!!

Now let me 'briefly' discuss the other impressive part of this mani - it's my first EVER striping tape mani! This striping tape was sent to me as a RAOK by Anita Marie Roberts a looooooooong time ago, but this is the first chance I've had to sit down and use it properly. I googled pictures of striping tape manis for inspiration, and this is what I came up with. I just ADORE this stuff! It wasn't nearly as difficult to use as other bloggers made me think it was, and I'm thrilled to bits that I have two or three reels of the stuff to play with - thank you so much Anita :-)

Last but most certainly not least, I bring you the base colour for this most wonderful of manis - Collection 2000 Blue My Mind (#12):

Indirect light
Direct light

Now, the left-hand photo is a bit 'lobster', and the right-hand photo is deathly pale, which means that the colours in these pics aren't quite right, however, as you can see, this is a beautiful, deep, rich blue shimmer polish, which though not duochrome, looks like it's in a blackened base until you get it in the light. This polish is one of my favourite blue polishes, and was the perfect accompaniment for ATU. The only downside to it is probably the brush; it's far too wide for my nails which means getting a good, clean line is tricky. I had a lot more clean-up to do for this mani than usual! Fortunately, this polish is most definitely worth the extra effort :-)

Which Enchanted Polish do you think I should get next? Let me know in the comments!

'Til next time, lovelies :-)

- Skye x


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    1. Thank you <3 I definitely need to try it again sometime with more fun polish :D xx


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