Monday 12 November 2012

A new blog on the block

Hey there!

This is my FIRST EVER blog post, brought to you from rainy England. I'm hoping to use my blog to record my journey through the world of polish :)

Perhaps I'll start with a bit of history: I've always been a biter, a picker and whatever-elser when it comes to my nails and I remember wistfully looking at quite literally EVERYONE else's nails when I was younger wishing mine would look as nice. My ma and my aunt always had especially nice nails, and my aunt used to try to motivate me to stop messing with mine by promising to do my nails really nicely. Although I never got a mani off of her, this motivated me to have nicer nails and wear polish, and I've actually been a true fan of polish ever since I discovered that I wouldn't bite my nails if they looked nice.

Since then, I managed to acquire a modest stash, but didn't really get into polish seriously until my final two years of university. The first of these years was spent abroad, and I had the great fortune of living with a Russian girl in Austria who was very particular about her nails and cuticles. This was my first ever nail epiphany - I bought some Sally Hansen cuticle remover and realised my nails had never looked better! My final year of uni was a really hard year for me on all levels and I ended up working on improving my person to get through it. As I'd become bored with my manis, I started looking at ways of improving the condition of my nails even more (enter: lemony flutter, life-changer!) and I started researching nail art. Suddenly, I felt like I'd stumbled on an entire world of people who loved polish as much as me and just fell in love with the infinite possibilities out there for manis.

Since then, my stash has doubled in size and I've not been bored of my nails even once. Instead, I bore the members of various polish addict groups on FB with pics - and this blog is just a natural extension of that! I'm still learning all the time and am looking forward to seeing my progress recorded on this blog as time goes by. This is primarily a blog for me, and I'm running a new business right now, so my posts may be fairly sporadic, but I'm looking forward to using my new blog to share my manis with all of you. I also mostly only buy drugstore brands, so I'm not your gal if you're hoping for post after post about indies!

To finish off this post, here's a pic that I posted on FB following the No H8 movement, which I think really demonstrates the progress I've made so far (EDIT: blow the pic up big to be truly horrified!). Here's to onwards and upwards :-)

I hope that you'll enjoy my manis and please be assured that my posts won't be so long in future :-P I know I have a tendency to go on (and on, and on...) ;-)

- Skye x


  1. Welcome, welcome!
    I hope you enjoy the blogging adventure. ^^

  2. Congrats on your new blog Skye!

  3. Hi Skye! And don't worry, I like posts that go on and on and on.. They make me feel a stronger connection to the blogger! Just be yourself :)) x

    1. Why hello! Thanks for reading - glad you enjoyed it :)

  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!


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