Monday 9 September 2013

NOTW: Not-so-showy summer gradient

Hello lovelies!

So this week, I decided to get on the summer bandwagon and try out my new makeup sponges again in a bright gradient:

Indirect light... *meh*
In the sunlight... still not orange :-/

*ahem* Yeah. Not so bright. My usually-very-bright orange (Rimmel Pop!) doesn't really pop over the pink base, so it basically looks like a big red stripe, making me a sad panda :-( I'm not really sure I like it too much... I had been planning to do some silly drawings over the top of the gradient, however, the polish started chipping on the day I sat down to do it, and so I ended up taking it off and creating a whole new mani! Tune in next week to see that one ;-)

Finally, the base colour for this mani was, yet again, Rimmel Show Off:

You've heard all about this one already here, so I won't go on. All I'm-a say is that the formula and brush were, as always, impeccable. I can always rely on a tidy mani when I reach for this polish.

So: WOW well wasn't that short and sweet! I guess it just goes to show that I do eventually run out of things to say!

Are you still doing summer manis or have you moved onto Autumn styles? Link me to your pics in the comments!

'Til next time, curlettes :-)

- Skye x


  1. I like the subtle difference between the colours! :-) x

    1. Aww thanks! :) It sorta grew on me but I was still a bit sad that I didn't get any orange hehe xx

  2. Man gradient mani's will never get old to me lol

    1. Hi Alizeth! Stay tuned then ;) I did one I'm really proud of last week! Should be up on the blog over the next few weeks ^^ Thank you for taking the time to comment :) xx

  3. Your cutes look immaculate! Beautiful gradient, too :)

    1. Awww thank you, Liesl! :) Don't tell anyone but I've been naughty recently and my cuticles are looking a bit ragged, spesh on my non-swatch hand :o xx


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